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Do look around and check out the news, tips and reviews – and feel free to leave your comments and thoughts as you read.

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There are lots of great posts and ideas on, and these are growing all the time.

Here are some places I particularly like to help you to start your journey…

Kindling Kindle Training Membership by Geoff Shaw – This is the most complete training showing you how to sell books for the Amazon Kindle that I’ve ever seen, all inside a packed (and growing) single-payment membership.

WSO Launch Code by Martin Crumlish – This is the total guide you need to setting up a winning WSO, getting affiliates and selling the most copies possible – containing all the latest 2012 secrets.

Warrior+Plus Five Figure Secrets by Steve Peters Benn – the best training I've seen on using the Warrior+Plus system, whether you run your own WSOs, or you promote other people's WSOs as an affiliate. This is packed with important tips.

WSO Gold By Steve Peters Benn – also by Steve Peters Benn, if you're looking to run your first WSO, and want it to be a success, start with this guide (print it off and refer to it often)

WP File Lock by Jason Fladlien and Wil Mattos – this solves the problem about how to protect your WSOs from people linking to them who haven't paid for them (and integrates perfectly with Warrior+Plus)

WSO Tips – many of my top ideas for profiting with WSOs and running them successfully (well worth reading and applying)

WSO Training Products – reviews of carefully selected WSO training products (take a look at these before your next WSO training purchase)


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