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    100 FB Games With PLR by Ian del Carmen

    Want to be one of those people who sets up games on viral which go viral and bring in loads of cash?


    100 FB Games With PLR by Ian del Carmen provides you with 100 top quality games ready for you to use.

    100 FB Games With PLR

    These games are come with Private Label Rights. That means you can edit them (think about adding your own advertising banners to bring in money when people play your game), or sell them to other marketers.

    The selection of games is varied so you can focus on different genres. And the price is nothing compared to the hundreds of dollars it would cost you – for each game – to get these produced for you.

    Just think… You could be responsible for the next Farmville…



    Get 100 FB Games With PLR at the WSO price here…

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    Feb 26th, 2012

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