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    25 New Graphics Modules by Max

    Anyone who knows the Warrior Forum or WSOs will know that Max is the undisputed king of graphic WSOs.

    25 New Graphics Modules by Max is no exception, delivering exactly what it says in the form of 25 modules of fresh graphics (and these work without needing to splash out and buy Photoshop).

    25 New Graphics Modules

    There are too many quality graphics to list, but I want to let you know some of my favourites.

    I really like the business card templates. These are eyecatching and will set your business apart.

    Plus, you get a top quality set of Facebook headers.

    And, there are pricing tables to really show the value that you're offering (use these in WSOs, or when you're releasing software products).

    There are 25 modules of WSO graphics in total and all come with PSDs so you can edit them and use them however necessary.

    This is one to take a look at the sales page to find out more about these graphics. Even if you just set one or two sets that you like, you're getting an excellent deal with this WSO.


    Get 25 New Graphics Modules at the WSO saving here…

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    Jul 1st, 2012

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