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    300 Logo Templates by Lucas Adamski and Andrzej Tomaszewski

    As an online marketer or offline marketer, you always need new logo designs in your business.

    300 Logo Templates by Lucas Adamski and Andrzej Tomaszewski provides 300 fresh designs, all ready for you to edit and use.

    300 Logo Templates

    You can use these logos on websites, books covers, blogs, as ecovers, for clients, or just to add a bit of class to business cards. They're very versatile.

    They all come with PSDs too, so they're ready to edit, and permission is given to use them as designs for others.

    That's a great business model, as to get a single logo designed often costs over $100. This whole collected of 300 designs costs a fraction of that price.

    Just to give you an idea of the scale of the package, some of the categories included are blogging, marketing, animals, nature, business, products, real estate, social media, sports and weight loss. And, there are more. All popular areas which you can certainly use logos for.

    I think that this is one of those packages that everyone should have ready to use whenever a logo is needed. I recommend claiming your copy and getting these excellent graphic designs now.


    Get these 300 Logo Templates at the WSO discount here…

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    Jun 21st, 2012


    • Gary says:

      Be forwarned that this individual Lucas Adamski aka Sagi Venkata Ramana does not respond to valid refund requests or answer his support emails, private WSO messages or any of several of his email addresses.

      This has been my experience from this individual. Strictly buyer beware with this individual.
      If he were to at least value his reputation, he would offer proper customer support.


    • smokinxp says:

      i got charged for 300 Logo Templates and i’ve never even dealt with the Lucas b4 and have no idea what it from, mine was through a PayPal payment i noticed yesterday, PayPal has been contacted regarding a fraudulent billing.

    • Thanks for the updates on this product.

      Based on the feedback, I’d advise using caution before buying.

      smokinxp, I recommend that you change your PayPal password urgently. Unfortunately, PayPal hacking is on the increase, and is not the fault of the seller of this product, who is likely to be as badly inconvenienced by a fradulent sale as you are.

      Incidentally, neither of these sales went through


    • smokinxp says:

      yup already done that. 🙂
      you can also add Andrzej Tomaszewski
      who have Linkdln and WarriorPlus WSO accounts, they are either 2 individuals selling the same thing or the same person.

      It is possible they are being hacked too i suppose but that’s not my problem.

    • smokinxp says:

      oops ignore that last post 🙂 you already know that 🙂
      i just meant they both have Warrior Plus/WSO and Linkdln accounts i recieve regular spam emails from both sites members.

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