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    30K In 30 Days by Jimmy Reilly

    No Longer Available – Check Out These Other Top Quality WSO Training Products Designed To Help You Run Successful WSOs


    To get on as a Warrior, it's essential to check out case studies about what's working right now for other Warriors.

    That's exactly what's  on offer with 30K In 30 Days by Jimmy Reilly. Jimmy has come a long way in a short space of time to be making epic sales figures on the Warrior Forum.

    This WSO training is a multi-component package, with the main part being a 39 page report. A lot of the report is about scaling the business, which is how Jimmy has made his 30K total (something that he could now easily repeat on a regular basis), but there are particular insights about what kind of products to create, and what kind sell best which make 30K in 30 Days worth picking up.

    There's some excellent pricing information in the report, including the real difference between high price and low price products – very useful if you're considering pricing cheap just solely to get yourself known on the Warrior Forum.

    But, what Jimmy talks about is where he makes his money beyond the Warrior Forum itself. This is key to the whole 30K system (that's $1000 a day) and it's all about working smarter, not harder.

    The bonus products include plenty of swipe files of Jimmy's successful copy style. Additionally, there's a 21 minute video walk through of one of Jimmy's WSOs, where he walks you through his entire WSO process. This really adds value to the whole package.

    I got one excellent insight from this, which is being used in a product I'm having created for me right now, and which will repay the cost of this training many times over.

    This maybe isn't quite the step-by-step process which beginners are looking for, but if you've run a couple of WSOs, or you're willing to jump in at the deep end, you'll find this Warrior Special Offer of great use to you.

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    Apr 2nd, 2011


    • Gina Sands says:

      I'll be following you.  Looks like you have a great concept here.  Love the Warrior Forum and the great products and great people you can find overthere.  Keep up the good work

    • Thanks Gina, I appreciate the positivity!

      Still got a bit of work to due on the site and the design before I launch this properly, but really hopeful that this can become an excellent free resource for everyone interested in WSOs.


    • It's hard to choose a good WSO training product when so many of them are short-lived and updated. I can strongly recommend WSO Gold by Steve Peters Benn to fill that gap.

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