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    4 Ways To Make It by Caleb Spilchen

    4 Ways To Make It by Caleb Spilchen is an excellent package of low cost training.

    I did debate whether to put this inside the 'WSO Training Products' section of the site, as this training covers WSOs, but it also goes well beyond that, providing a whole spectrum of useful techniques for Internet Marketers.

    This is advertised as a low cost four week webinar course, which it is, with Caleb and his friend Darren Crawford, sharing all manner of tricks related to product creation, Warrior Special Offers and offline marketing. If you're interested in any one of these topics, you'll find value for money from this training, particularly as you can ask Caleb and Darren questions live on the webinars.

    A lot of what is being shared in this training takes the form of simple tactics that have worked for Caleb and Darren but they've not yet publishd elsewhere.

    But, I got my money's worth before the training began.

    There's been a member's forum provided for this training,and Caleb has loaded this with a load of his products which he's sold recently as WSOs. Together these sell for far more than the value of the course.

    There's one really great idea in there that I picked up on, about how to create profitable products really quickly, which make money by being very different to what most other marketers are releasing. Caleb's also shared a number of other excellent ideas.

    If you miss any of the webinars, or you're joining this course after the webinars have finished, but still want to pick up the recordings and bonuses at a bargain price, you can still get into the forums and ask questions.

    4 Ways To Make It was an easy buy for me and a complete bargain.

    Here's were you can get inside the 4 Ways To Make It forum and take advantage of these products and webinars:

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    Apr 2nd, 2011


    • Stefan says:

      Hi Thom!
      I agree on what you say about Caleb's course. I was very surprised when I saw all the stuff he had put in the forum before the course even started.
      I also like your site here. And from what I have seen (in the forum I just mentioned) there is lots of value to be provided here.

    • Thanks Stefan, yes, it was a very nice to surprise to see all those extra materials.

      There are some interesting discussions going on in the forum too, and Caleb's already shared a nice technique that he's working on. I also find case studies like that useful.


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