5 WSO Blog Posts You Should Read

I often post case studies, training and ideas about WSOs in detail on my main Internet Marketing blog.

I thought it would be useful to highlight some of the most useful ones, so you can take a look, and leave a comment.


Niche WSO Affiliate Site System

In this post, I show how to set up a whole niche site, and to monetise it with affiliate links to WSOs. This is a useful technique (as you'll have notice I provide WSO affiliate links here on wso.im), but you can really take it to another level by focusing on different niches.

You might say that the niche this site is focused on is primarily the niche on "How To Run Successful Warrior Special Offers". There is a lot of good information out there, and I do help to find the best training on wso.im.


9 Ways To Grab Affiliates To Promote Your WSOs

As I've covered elsewhere here on wso.im, it's really important to have affiliates help you to promote your WSOs. WSOs move down the front page of the Warrior Forum so quickly now, that it's only those that have other people on board to help with promotion that really get seen.

In this post, I outline 9 methods which can help you to get more affiliates for your own WSOs.


The Piggyback WSO Method

This is another WSO technique which I've seen work well for other marketers. It's called the Piggyback WSO technique.

What happens is you find one (or more) WSOs that have worked well for other marketers and you jump on board because of their success. You use their social proof, and to some extent their own research about what has been a successful WSO to release your own product. The post itself describes much more.


A $200 A Day Recipe For Warrior Special Offers

Exactly what it says on the tin, this post shows you how you can take a day, work hard to produce a WSO, and have $200 in your pocket at the end of it. It's not a 'get rich quick' scheme, but it is an achievable outcome if you can follow a simple tried and tested process.

Even better, you can repeat this on a semi-regular basis every time you need a cash injection. Making $200 in a day gets easier the more WSOs you run, for reasons I explain in the post.


My Worst WSO Of All Time

As well as outlining 'what went wrong' I think this is the post of mine that achieved my all time greatest number of comments!

Sometimes, it's very instructive to not only seen what works, but what has gone horrendously wrong. In this post, I describe a product I created and ran as a WSO, which I expected to be a hot seller, but which turned out to fizz away horribly. I also discuss why I think this WSO went wrong, and what I'd do differently because of it. The comments for this one are really useful too, as some excellent ideas are shared.


While you're at ThomLancaster.com, do have a read through the other posts, and do comment if you get the chance. I try hard to make my posts more in-depth than most Internet Marketing blogs, and to try and to keep them different. The comments make everything worthwhile and show that people have enjoyed reading what I've posted.


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Jul 23rd, 2011

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