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    $97 For 500 Words by Shay Rockhold

    This WSO Is No Longer Available – Check Out Shay Rockhold's Bargain Price Writing Coaching


    If you're ever tried writing for other people as a freelancer, you'll know how frustrating it is trying to get paid a decent wage (and anywhere close to what you're actually worth).

    $97 For 500 Words by Shay Rockhold is the answer to how to get paid much more than the typical $5 for writing a 500 word article (it's almost a 20 times improvement).

     97 For 500 Words

    It's a good, detailed report which shows you how to get clients who will pay this higher rate for a writing service that you can offer. The fact is, you don't have to be an expert writer to do this, but obviously this can help with your marketing. If you're not that experienced, but you can write forum posts or blog posts, you're skilled enough to do this. The actual style of writing required is quite straightforward.

    One good thing is that once you've found a client, you can get repeat business from them at the $97 for 500 words level. That's what makes this so profitable.

    As well as this valuable information, Shay's also throwing in access to an exclusive forum where buyers of this hotsheet can discuss the tactics and make their own contacts. All highly useful.

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    Aug 21st, 2011

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    • Although this WSO is currently unavailable, there is another way you can access all of Shay’s experience and training.
      She others Writing Klatch Group Coaching, designed to show you how to write and sell your writing services for more money. Be sure to quiz her on how to achieve these fantastic results during the weekly live coaching sessions.

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