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    About Those “Gaming Google” Products

    A mini rant, but one that you might find useful if you're either a WSO buyer or WSO seller.

    One type of WSO that has been doing well recently is the "Gaming Google" type WSO.

    That's the type of WSO that claims to show you how to rank in Google quickly and for very little effort.

    These products can sell well, because they're based around the popular topics of Search Engine Optimisation and Traffic, and because everyone likes something that doesn't require them to work.

    Let me tell you something.

    Most success in Internet Marketing does require some effort. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying to you.

    Even if you don't physically do the work yourself (for instance, you use remote workers or an outsourcing team), there is still effort in the process.

    These "Gaming Google" products take advantage of temporary exploits, or provide very short term rankings (for instance, it's easy to get a fresh YouTube video to rank well on Google, but it won't stay ranked for long).

    Beyond that, Google changes its algorithm all the time to catch these unsavoury practices. You might find that you get a temporary boost, but when Google finds out what's going on, you'll be much further down the rankings than you were before.

    As a seller, you shouldn't be creating these types of WSOs. They won't bring you long-term customers into your business, particularly when people discover how well they really work.

    Stick with SEO and traffic strategies designed for long-term business growth. Build up your position on the Internet by providing quality content, both on your own site and on those of others.

    I certainly don't push products that I don't believe in here on, so you can be sure that any SEO products I mention aren't based around Gaming Google and will help you towards longer term traffic and SEO solutions.

    It's the least that you deserve for your business.

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    Jun 21st, 2012

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