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    Affpressor by Martin Crumlish

    Creating WordPress blogs for affiliate marketing can be a tiring task, particularly when you want to include high converting offers from the best companies.

    Not many more, with Affpressor by Martin Crumlish. This is a WordPress plugin designed to help you to quickly add products from the likes of Amazon, Commission Junction and Ebay.


    Once you've got the Affpressor plugin set up, this is really powerful. It just takes one selection to choose your keyword, and the best affiliate offers are selected automatically.

    Then, every time someone moves their mouse onto that keyword on your blog, an ad for one of the affiliate products pops up.

    You can use this on almost any type of blog – product blogs, review blogs, even a news blog. The possibilities are endless.

    If you think affiliate marketing just takes too long, you'll love the way you can get commissions by recommending these affiliate products, and all by letting Affpressor do most of the hard slog.


    Get Affpressor by Martin Crumlish at the Warrior Special Offer price here…


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    Dec 5th, 2011

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