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    An Alternative To Warrior Special Offers

    What many people don't realise is that there are many sections of the Warrior Forum in which you can promote your products, not just the Warrior Special Offers forum.

    One excellent one is the Warrior Forum Classified Ads section.

    If you're creating a product of your own, promoting in this section instead of the main Warrior Forum has the following advantages:

    • the listing charge is only $20 instead of $40 (you can get some great backlinks for $20)
    • the posts in this section move down really slowly compared with the WSO Forum, so your offer gets some excellent first page exposure

    The downside is clearly that fewer people look in the Classifieds Forum than the main WSO forum, but the lower price and the increased length of exposure makes this a good alternative to the WSO Forum, and it's well worth testing on occasion, particularly if you can send traffic directly to the offer. You could use this forum to promote your own product, where you were unable to discount the price to make it a WSO, for example.

    One addiitonal benefit of the Classifieds section is that you can post ads for affiliate offers. I don't do this very often, but one that I had a lot of success with was my post for 33 Free Internet Marketing Reports. This was an affiliate promotion for Dennis Becker and Rachel Rofe, where affiliates were well rewarded for sending traffic (and the fact that the bundle of reports is excellent made this an easy sell).

    If you hunt around the WSO Forum, there are a number of other paid forums, all of which offer exposure. I haven't played around with all of these, but there are great options for outsourcing, offering services, and various other types of advertising that go beyond what the WSO section limits are.

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    Jul 31st, 2011

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