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    BackUp Creator by Robert Plank

    This is a real time saver for anyone who creates a lot of WordPress blogs. It really doesn't matter what kind of blogs they are, or what way you use WordPress. They could be review sites, sales pages, or even pages you set up for offline businesses.

    BackUp Creator by Robert Plank lets you create an ideal blog, containing all the plugins, themes and posts you like, back it up and then restore it to a new blog.

    BackUp Creator

    BackUp Creator is a solution that will let you clone a blog, thereby reducing a set up process that could take two hours, to instead take two minutes.

    You can also use this to grab copies of your blog to keep just in case something goes wrong with your server. Keeping regular backups is very important and BackUp Creator makes this really easy.

    The WSO price for BackUp Creator is excellent and far lower than similar tools from other coders. And, since Robert Plank is behind this, BackUp Creator is bound to be supported for years to come.


    Get your copy of the BackUp Creator WordPress plugin now…


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    Sep 2nd, 2011

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