Best Times To Post A WSO

There always has been, and probably always will be, a lot of debate about the best time to post a WSO.

That's because things like 'best' change continually, as marketers try and outdo each other.

My experience of this one is that the best time is during the weekend.

Although there are fewer people using the Warrior Forum, there is far less competition from other marketers posting and bumping WSOs, which can give you greater visibility.

The worst time, incidentally, is a Monday morning. WSOs move down the ranks so fast at those times to become almost invisible.

The other hint I have to offer is that you should always vary the time you bump WSOs. That means they get in front of different audiences, depending on which part of the world is most awake at that time.

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Apr 2nd, 2011

One Comment

  • One other little trick to help you when posting at weekends. Warrior Forum moderators tend to be slower approving WSOs than they are during the week. That can mean a rush to post in bulk when they're approved. Give it a good 30 minutes after approval before posting – that way, you miss the rush, and your post appears visible at the top of the forum for longer.


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