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Delivering Your WSOs With WSO Pro

The best tip I can give you for getting WSOs to your customers is to use WSO Pro.

It's essential that you have an automated delivery process set up. No customer wants to wait for you to send files manually.

WSO Pro has emerged as the Warrior Forum standard solution.

I was initially a little unsure about using WSO Pro. I had my own system for delivery that had worked well.

But, there are three main advantages I've noticed for using WSO Pro:

  • Other Warriors trust WSO Pro. They recognise the standard delivery method, and seem more inclined to buy.
  • Affiliates can promote your WSOs. That's essential to keep your WSOs competitive that those which other forum members are running. It increases your WSO sales and WSO visibility,.
  • There are lots of built-in conversion tracking opportunities in WSO Pro. If you know how to use some simple stats, those are invaluable for improving your business.

There are three downsides for using WSO Pro:

  • There's no-built in way of making One Time Offers. This takes a bit of working around for getting a good sales process together.
  • If you use the affiliate programme, the affiliates can view all your conversion stats in a lot of detail. This will give them an idea how successful you are. If you want to keep that information completely private than WSO Pro is not for you.
  • If you want to deliver your WSO on a web page (so you can cross-sell other opportunities), there's no built in way of protecting the download.

All those problems are solvable. For the latter, I recommend WP File Lock, which I've put a review of WP File Lock up.

When you use WSO Pro, I'd recommend you use its built-in price escalation feature. That means, you set the price to go up every time a few sales are made.

It's a much easier solution than messing around with external delivery systems, and is well worth the $19 charge to quickly set up a WSO with all those features.

Here's where you can investigate WSO Pro and check out its features:

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Apr 24th, 2011

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