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    Digiresults – Competition For Warrior+Plus

    Been very interesting to read about the latest developments with payment processor and delivery software DigiResults. It looks as though they are positioning themselves to be a major competitor for Warrior+Plus.

    The recent update to the software has added the following features:

    • WSO buy buttons to add to your post – these provide all kinds of trackin withint DigiResults, including reports when this is ready to bump
    • Tracking results for individual affiliates, so you can check their conversion rates
    • For potential affiliates, you can also see stats for every offer you're considering promoting

    As an occasional affiliate on DigiResults (but someone who's not tried listing a product there yet), one feature that it still missing is any kind of date based search, and, as this solution works for both WSOs and non-WSOs, a way to easily differentiate between these.

    I've also affiliates are much slower to approve requests on DigiResults than on Warrior+Plus (although that may because of the affiliates selected).

    There are some good reasons to consider using DigiResults as a seller. There's no listing fee for a product (just a small per transaction charge). If you're not expecting your WSO to sell in huge numbers, or just want to test it cheaply, this is a cost-effective way.

    For affiliates, DigiResults is integrated with the PayPal API and you get paid instantly every sales. Unlike with Warrior+Plus,a  50% commission would mean you got paid every second sale. With DigiResults, the payment is split and 50% goes to the affiliate and 50% to the vendor. Refunds are also handled automatically, which cuts down on the administration work.

    Definitely worth testing to see DigiResults works for you.


    Sign up at Digiresults as a Seller or an Affiliate

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    Aug 4th, 2011

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