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    EZAzon Reviews Tool by Shola

    Here's a quick and clever way to improve the ranking (and the sales) of the book that you publish on the Amazon Kindle.

    It's all about getting more reviews. Reviews give the book visibility, and they give proof about the quality of the book to prospective buyers.

    But coming up with high quality reviews can be difficult. EZAzon Reviews Tool by Shola provides a solution – it's a quick method to follow to generate reviews.

    EZAzon Reviews Tool

    This is a software tool, designed to help get powerful reviews written quickly. There are lots of ways that this can be used, and some of them are of dubious nature. But, in the first instant, you could encourage reviewers to use this tool to help to structure their reviews, producing the kind of Amazon reviews that encourage people to buy.

    If you participate in a review syndicate, you could also use EZ Azon Reviews Tool to help structure the reviews you write for other people, saving you time and effort.

    Now, this review toolkit is aimed primarily at fiction, but it will work for non-fiction as well, so should cover most publishers, whether you're using this for your own products, or even if you just like to review for other people.

    At the WSO price, it's a really useful tool and one that you should add to your collection.


    Get EZAzon Reviews Tool at the WSO price here…

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    Mar 10th, 2012


    • Clare Ryan says:

      Please help. I purchased the EZAzon Review program and my computer crashed.
      I cannot resore the program.

      This was a while ago.
      Please email me and I can give you my key #.
      I purchased this a while ago.

      Even t hough I have the zip file, it will not function. It is missing an exe. file.

    • Hi Clare, you’ll want to contact the product creator for that.

      The product creator lists his support email address on the WSO thread (follow the link back to the WSO),

      If you log in to your Warrior+Plus account, you can also see all the WSOs that you’ve purchased previously. You should be able to follow the link and download this again.

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