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    Facebook Newsfeed Hero by Bolaji O

    Fan Pages for Facebook have been big business for a while, but most marketers are failing with them.

    Even if they manage to get the pages set up, and get the fans, they just aren't making money off those pages.

    Facebook Newsfeed Hero by Bolaji O shows the ingredient missing from those Facebook Pages, using Bolaji's research from some of the biggest companies in the world.

    Facebook Newsfeed Hero

    What Bolaji has discovered is that most people aren't using the power of News Feed Optimization when constructing these pages. This missing techniques makes sure that the right updates appear on the main page of your fans when they log onto Facebook.

    This product shows you how to use the Facebook algorithm effectively, and you can use this to be more successful with your own pages. If you're into offline marketing, you can also sell this high value service (which business doesn't want to get in front of more fans, right?).

    As well as access to this research, showcasing the techniques used by the likes of Bing and Starbucks, you also get access to bonuses, including webinars.

    Make ure that you get hold of Facebook Newsfeed Hero and increase your visibility on Facebook with this innovative WSO.


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    Jun 25th, 2012

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