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    FB Engagement Formula by Andrew Hunter

    If you work as a freelancer, whether you're a writer, programmer, video creator, graphic designer or any other type of freelancer, you should always be looking for more ways to get clients to your business.

    One of the most underutilised methods in Facebook, but one person has had a lot of success with this, and he's documented how he got Facebook clients inside FB Engagement Formula by Andrew Hunter.

    FB Engagement Formula

    This report covers both a case study showing how Andrew got Chris Farrell to pay him $350 for a few hours work, as well as showing how to find similar opportunities on Facebook.

    This method is unsaturated. Not many freelancers are including Facebook in their business, despite the potential to both find clients and to make important long-term contacts. There really is mileage for freelancers with FB Engagement Formula.


    Get the FB Engagement Formula WSO here…

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    Feb 29th, 2012


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