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    FB Timeline Skins by Martin Crumlish

    Facebook has recently rolled out a brand new look for all its personal users, and if you're not seeing it yet, you will soon. It's called the Facebook Timeline.

    Key to the new layout is a huge graphical area (almost a banner across the top of your profile).

    That's where FB Timeline Skins by Martin Crumlish comes in.

    FB Timeline Skins

    Okay, let's cut to the chase. What you get here are over 50 images, ready to be used at the top of the new look Facebook Timeline profile pages. These comes with PSDs, so you can edit them and easily add your own details.

    Now, these are perfect for your personal use, but if you do any kind of offline marketing, you can also use these banners for your client's profiles, particularly if you get in quick and publicise these before everyone else starts offering Facebook Timeline services.

    As well as versions perfect for any kind of profile, there are some aimed at specific offline marketing niches, such as painters, plumbers, carpenters, bar and pub owners, hairdressers, babysitters, personal trainers and much more. Chances are, if it's a niche you're involved with offline, there'll be a template you can use here (and if not, these are easy to modify).

    This Warrior Special Offer also comes with video training, just to make sure you can use these quickly. There's excellent value here for the price for anyone involved with Facebook, online or offline.


    Get your WSO priced copy of FB Timeline Skins here…


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    Dec 21st, 2011

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