Five Figure WSO Report by Matt Rhodes

Matt Rhodes has released his training product The Five Figure WSO Report.

Matt has made over $250,000 from the Warrior Forum – and he uses a number of techniques that go beyond those that most Warriors are aware of.

The Five Figure WSO Report is a 5 volume package, providing excellent value for money for the cost – which is easily recovered with one additional sale of the WSO you make when following this system (and you should make more than one additional sale from this one).

The main report is 38 packed pages, most of which is content. Matt gives some excellent informartion on how to make early sales of your WSO, which is especially crucial if you're starting from scratch and don't have a following.

He also gives the price point at which his WSOs sell best. That is really useful to know when you're designing an offer – and it's not the price point I would have anticipated.

The bonuses include a case study, where Matt puts everything he suggests into practice, and you can see just how well these tactics work for him.

There's also a copy of one of his earlier WSO reports, an excellent seller in its own right, which looks into product creation. This is an essential skill to have to be successful on the Warrior.

The other bonuses include sales copy and swipe files, and you could do far worse than modelling your styling on Matt's.

In fact, when you open the package up, you'll see a perfect model of how to structure your WSO and what to include in it – which will be useful for you before you even dive into the detailed reading.

This is an excellent course, to appeal to both beginning and advanced Warriors, and you can also check out the detailed feedback on the WSO thead itself.

Here's the link to check out Matt Rhodes' WSO:

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Apr 2nd, 2011

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