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    Four Killer Ways To ‘Spy’ On Upcoming WSOs

    It’s really useful to know when new Warrior Special Offers are being released.

    As a WSO consumer, you can often pick these up near the starting price of a Dime Sale. That can mean massive savings.

    If you promote WSOs as an affiliate, you can plan your mailing schedule by knowing that a fresh WSO is going to be made available. You can also pick up copies at a low price to review, and make sure that you tell your subscribers whilst the WSO is also at its lowest price (to get the highest conversion and maximum profits).

    In this blog post, I’ve identified four killer ways that you can use to spy on upcoming WSOs for the maximum profits.


    Killer Way #1 – Sign Up To The Lists Of WSO Creators

    This may seem obvious, but you need to get yourself signed up to as many WSO lists as you can, and stay subscribed to those lists. You don’t have to read every email that comes through in depth, but you’re looking for the ones that contain information about upcoming WSOs (many WSO creators presell the launch of their WSO by announcing it a day or two before). Lists for WSO affiliates are particularly useful to sign up for, even if you just want to buy the WSO for your own personal use.

    You can also find fresh WSOs by seeing what many of the WSO review type emails are promoting. The top names for these types of services are on the ball and able to mail out about a new WSO within a few minutes of it being launched. They use their insider contacts at a level above those that you have. By spying on those lists, you can have the latest WSO information at your fingertips.


    Killer Way #2 – Monitor The Warrior Forum Test Forum

    This is a really sneaky trick that not many people know. The Warrior Forum has a test forum which can be used to test out WSO copy and make sure that the flow and layout is up to scratch before launching the WSO to the public.

    Some of the top WSO creators use this forum to plan their WSOs, and if you hunt through the recent posts in that forum, you can see examples of the sorts of WSOs that are launching soon.


    Killer Way #3 – Contact The Regular WSO Creators To Find Out Their Plans

    There are a lot of big name WSO creators who release WSOs almost every week. You want to be able to contact those WSO creators to find out what their plans are and what their release schedule is.

    The best way to do that is an affiliate. With WSO promotion being so based around affiliates right now, many WSO creators spend a lot of time helping their affiliates and are keen to see that they are successful. If you can show that you have previously promoted WSOs from this creator, you have a much better chance of being successful.

    Simply send a Warrior Forum PM or email to the WSO creator, mention who you are and what you have to offer, and ask them what WSOs they have coming up that you can promote. They may even be able to add you to an affiliate update list, which is the best way to find out what’s going on and pre-plan your campaigns.


    Killer Way #4 – Use Earn1KADay To Network

    Being a member of a community that supports its members and helps them with their WSOs is a huge benefit. By far the best community I’ve ever found is the Earn 1K A Day Insider Club, led by Dennis Becker and Rachel Rofe. Members often make copies of their WSOs available in advance of the official launch date to other members (and they do this at a lower price than the WSO). They also look for other members to become affiliates for the new product.

    A lot of new WSO trends and findings are discussed within the exclusive Earn1KADay membership. Much of the discussion is worthy of being a WSO in its own right. By making contacts there, you will help your Internet Marketing career. I do recommend that you join.


    To Your WSO Savings And Affiliate Profits!

    Do make use of these four killer ways to spy on WSOs, but also take advantage of the other methods of knowing about WSOs that are available to you. Make sure you visit the WSO forum regularly to find out what is going on. Sign up for WSO notification lists using Warrior+Plus, so that you at least hear about authors and keywords you’re interested in as soon as they’re released. And check out the product reviews here at regularly, where you can often identify the best bargains and the Warrior Special Offers that will help you the best with your business.

    Feel free to leave your WSO thoughts and tips by using the Comment box below.

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    Sep 9th, 2011

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