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    Four Ways To Add Extra Value To Your WSOs

    When you're delivering WSOs as a seller, it's important to add as much value as possible to them.

    You want people to feel that they got more than they paid for.

    That creates goodwill, which will encourage them to buy from you more often in the future. It can also encourage them to leave positive comments in your WSO thread, which helps get both future buyers and affiliates on board.

    Further, this can cut down on refund requsts (people who were otherwise considering refunding can be swayed by the extra value).

    The good news is that delivering extra value doesn't need to take a long time if you just follow some simple methods. In this training post, I'm outlined four ways in which you can add that extra value.


    Way #1- Add Ready Made Products As Instant Bonuses

    Delivering a single report as a WSO is fine, but it won't set the world on fire. But, what if you could add a couple more reports as bonuses to support the offer?

    A good way to do that is with PLR products. Take a PLR product (the ones I sell as 10 Buck PLR are perfect for this), spend 10 minutes reformatting and retitling it. Add a few personal touches and self-serving links, and you have ready-made product.

    You can also use your old products for this. Add one of your older WSOs, or a product you sell elsewhere.

    This is an easy-to-implement solution that will work for almost any WSO.


    Way #2 – Provide A Coaching Element

    Buyers like personal contact, and this can be a high value addition to any WSO.

    At the extreme case, you can offer a personal phone call. If you have the time, this is a great way to connect and you can always upsell your other services.

    Answering questions by email or setting up a discussion forum also works well.

    Some sellers like to put on Q&A webinars, which is another easy-to-implement solution.


    Way #3 – Offer Rights To The WSO Product

    People love products that they can resell, or give away, and if you include rights to your WSO, you can capitalise on that audience.

    Resell rights are a good idea. These enable you to keep your own personal branding (and any links that you've included with the WSO), and can go viral.

    You can also include PLR. A lot of people will still buy your product just for personal use, but the extra incentive will push a few buyers over the top.


    Way #4 – Record Bonus Videos

    If your WSO involves a tool or a process, a sector of the audience react very well to being shown what to do using simple screen capture videos.

    These can be included as a simple bonus, which is quick to produce (you are clearly already knowledgeable in the area from a written WSO).

    You can also turn this model on your head if your main course is video based. Make a quick two page 'cheat sheet' summary and throw that in as a bonus.


    Further Ideas

    The additional bonuses and extras can be either advertised or unadvertised. A mixture of both means that buyers are getting overdelivery on top of overdelivery, an excellent combination.

    You can also drip feed bonuses, adding some of them a few days after the initial purchase to cut down on refund requests.

    If you can follow these techniques, your WSOs should be very successful.

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    Aug 2nd, 2011

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