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    Get Connected by Jay Boyer and Kieran McDonogh

    You know the phrase "make friends and influence people"? That's what you need to do to succeed in business.

    Get Connected by Jay Boyer and Kieran McDonogh shows you how to make these valuable friends and contacts in the Internet Marketing world, based on the real-life experience of Jay and Kieran and how they've sold outstanding amounts of WSOs over the past year.

    Get Connected

    Now even though many of the examples in the video training are focused on WSOs (an excellent way to make a quick income), there techniques can be applied to any online marketing niche where you would benefit from having help. And help can be as simple as someone who can send an email to their list to make you extra sales.

    If you just look at the kind of names Jay and Kieran work with (and they've even provided video testimonials on the sales letter), you'll notice that this is like a who's who of Internet Marketing. People like Jason Fladlien, Dennis Becker, John S Rhodes, Maria Gudelis and many more.

    In the product itself, you get 29 different strategies for connecting, each split into a video of a few minutes duration. You also get the mind map, swipe copy and other bonuses.

    These are well worth sitting back with a notepad and pencil, taking notes and then putting your favourite strategies into action. You really will build your business links from this.


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    Oct 26th, 2011

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