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    Go-Short.me by Martin Crumlish and Alex Albert

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    I don't often review software products, but here's a really powerful product which will allow you to set up new sites quickly, as well as promote affiliate offers and gain traffic and exposure.

    Go-Short.me by Martin Crumlish and Alex Albert is a link shortener (put in a long link and you get a convenient shortened link, perfect for email promotions), but it's so much more as well.


    You can set this up as a membership, so that your members (free or paid) can generate their own short urls. There's excellent tracking built in to see just how many times a link is being followed.

    Even better, there's an awesome feature where you can display a video overlay on top of the destination page (imagine being able to provide an affiliate review on top of a Warrior Special Offer that you're promoting).

    The main reason I personally got a copy of this, is that you run a top links site (I've had great success with these in the past). To me the other functionality is just the icing on the cake.

    There are also sorts of viral features and social media options as well, plus Go-Short.me can be used by offline marketers (imagine campaign specific coupons, or targeted email optins).

    I recommend grabbing Go-Short.me and putting it straight to work on a fresh site, using whatever business angle works for you.

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    Oct 28th, 2011

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