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How To Get Free Publicity For A Quality WSO

Getting free publicity for a quality WSO is easy.

You need to get the right reviews and get them in the right places.

I say quality WSO, as there's no point trying to pass a subpar Warrior Special Offer out as a good one. It won't get you the reviews you want and it will reflect badly on you in the long run. Instead, spend the time making the WSO better rather than looking for reviewers.

One good place to start looking for reviewers is in the War Room. You can also post the opportunity in the review itself.

Sites like this one are also useful, as the 'Other WSOs' section carries reviews of WSOs which are worth the money. If you'd like me to look at your WSO, you can send me the details via My Helpdesk.

I would strongly recommend that you set up an affiliate programme for the WSO, which pays at least 50%. That would encourage me to advertise it (providing it meets the quality requirements that I've already mentioned).

You'll also get more interest from other people who can help out with driving traffic to your Warrior Special Offer.

By far the easiest system to use this is WSO Pro, which provides affiliate options, as well as handles delivery of your products, and payment buttons to integrate into your WSO.

By following these tips you can get free publicity, make your WSO more popular, and increase the amount of money you make from it.

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Apr 2nd, 2011

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