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    How To Sell Non-Internet Marketing Products As Warrior Special Offers

    Quite simply put, Warrior Special Offers sell best to Internet Marketers. If you're not producing a product aimed at that niche, for instance, you create a tutorial guide to flower arranging, them that won't sell well as a Warrior Special Offer.

    But, there are ways to monetise content like that and to sell it as a WSO.

    The best way I know is to offer Private Label Rights (PLR) to the content.

    Marketers like to invest in "business in a box" type products, which they then have the rights to sell as if they were the person who created it.

    This is excellent if you're an expert in something (or you're a quick learner) as you can create a product that you're interested in, rather than have to fall within the remit of the "make money online" niche.

    You just create the product to the same standard as one that you would otherwise sell. Then, you package this up and sell this it with rights as a Warrior Special Offer. This usually just means that you transfer the editable version of the document (usually in MS Word format) along with a clear rights statement telling people what they can and cannot do with their new product.

    If you do want to add value, you can consider including other components with the PLR. Anything from cover graphics (editable, of course), to sales copy, to tutorial guides showing how to get started with the new niche. There are lots of possibilities.

    Private Label Rights sales are always a big thing on the Warrior Forum, and if you want to be successful as a WSO creator you should be getting involved with these PLR products.

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    Aug 29th, 2012

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