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    IM Gut Check by Bill Guthrie

    Do you ever wonder if Internet Marketing is the right business model for you?

    Let's face it. IM is not for everyone. Sure, there are many advantages to working for yourself and this path can bring you money – if you're willing to learn and work hard. But some people will just never make it, and those people who do just won't be as successful as they should be.

    IM Gut Check by Bill Guthrie is an interesting take on the whole IM business, particularly aimed at those people who haven't worked out how to make it yet.

    IM Gut Check

    Let me let you into a little secret.

    There are a lot of Internet Marketing business models out there, and most of them really do work. It's all about getting the right mindset together, both within marketing and beyond.

    But, this isn't solely your typical mindset product. Bill takes 46 pages to give his take on marketing, and most importantly how to set goals and take action.

    A major part of IM success is getting the cash flow right, and Bill presents this in a very clever way. He even includes a spreadsheet that you can use to assist you with your calculations.

    If you're thinking about Internet Marketing, pick up the IM Gut Check WSO before you sink in too deep.


    Get your copy of IM Gut Check from this link:

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    Nov 16th, 2011


    • Bill Guthrie says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Thom!
      I think you nailed it!
      All best,
      Bill Guthrie

    • Thanks for stopping by, Bill.

      I've heard that this product has now helped a lot of people and I'm glad to hear it. IM Gut Check is eally useful for anyone trying to evaluate where Internet Marketing fits into their life.


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