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    IM Lovebirds Engagement Sale by Calvin Woon

    8 products, including 5 WSOs Of The Day, for one price?

    IM Lovebirds Engagement Sale by Calvin Woon is a special, time-limited deal released by Calvin to celebrate his engagement. As part of the special deal, he's taken eight of his biggest WSOs and packaged them all up together.

    IM Lovebirds Engagement Sale

    Now, there are a lot of firesales in Internet Marketing, but what makes this one really special is that these are all powerful WSOs, each of which has performed well in its own right. And, these are WSOs made up of multiple components, with videos, PDFs and all sorts of integrated training.

    Plus, a number of other marketers have contributed their own WSOs as bonuses, which really adds to the value of the IM Lovebirds Engagement Sale.

    There are too many products to go through, but some of my favourites include Accelerated PLR Profits (showcasing how to buy and sell PLR) and Instant SEO Mastery. Plus, the bonuses include two WordPress plugins (there's a really useful one which generates product comparison tables).

    Make sure you get the Warrior Special Offer for the IM Lovebirds Engagement Sale during the limited discount period to get an excellent deal.


    Get all the products in the IM Lovebirds Engagement Sale for a single WSO price here…

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    Dec 7th, 2011

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