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    Insider WSO Tips V2.0

    This is one of my only products that has been through multiple versions. This started out as a short low cost report about how to do better with WSOs. Short sensible information, the kind of thing I present all the time here on

    Since then, I've fleshed the report out with more information and added more information. The result is Insider WSO Tips V2.0.

    One of the bonuses is a product I'm very proud of, but which I've never released anywhere other than with Insider WSO Tips. It's my guide about how to produce an audio WSO, a really sensible way to get a WSO produced quickly and up for sale. I did very well with my audio WSO, and I use audios all over my business to add value.

    Fittingly, this bonus is in audio format, although I've also thrown in a full transcript as well.

    The report is designed around long-term methods for running Warrior Special Offers which will always work, so if you want your WSOs to be geared to success, then this package is for you.


    Get your copy of Insider WSO Tips V2.0 now:

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    Aug 2nd, 2011

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