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    Instant Kindle and eCover Creator by John Pearce

    Creating covers for Amazon Kindle products can be difficult, particularly if you're not artistic or you need extra help.

    That's where the training product Instant Kindle and eCover Creator by John Pearce comes in.

    Instant Kindle and eCover Creator

    The training shows you how to use simple software to create covers (either the free GIMP package, or something more elaborate like Photoshop). You just open up the choice of software, load in the supplied template, replace the text with the name of your Kindle book, replace the graphic and you're done.

    You can even use these covers to generate a 3D version, so you can sell the same product as a report on your web site with a catchy ecover graphic. A link to a web site to do that is provided.

    Following this training really gives you the simplest way to produce effective Kindle covers which take next to no time, and make your product look impressive and attract buyers to purchase your Kindle book.

    Plus, the whole package comes with Private Label Rights. You can use the PLR to sell this training to your customers, giving you almost more value (but this is worth the price many times over to just know how to generate the cover graphics for your own Amazon Kindle books alone).

    Definitely a Kindle WSO which you need to make your business run more efficiently.


    Get your PLR copy of Instant Kindle and eCover Creator as a WSO from the link below:

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    Apr 6th, 2012


    • Spafford Ackerly says:

      John Pearce has been completely unresponsive to questions about a product I purchased from him. I won’t touch a product of his. Sorry.

    • Thanks for the feedback Spafford.

      If you’re a potential customer considering this product, do take that into account.


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