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    Instant Open Rate Expert by Steve Peters Benn

    You know what I think about the name Steve Peters Benn?

    • When I see his new WSO products, I buy!
    • When I see his emails, I open them!

    Now, Steve getting those astounding results didn't come around by chance. He really had to work for them.

    Instant Open Rate Expert by Steve Peters Benn is Steve's product showing how he achieves incredibly open rates on his emails.

    Instant Open Rate Expert

    What I really like I about this product is that Steve can do this without playing any nasty tricks (they might work once, but they soon get your subscriber to leave your list – or worse).

    Instant Open Rate Expert consists of 28 videos, all of around the five to ten minute mark. There's also an earlier report about open rates included with the WSO which was initially available only to a very small audience (and at a higher price).

    The videos are professional and varied. They cover a diverse set of areas. One of the main sections is about copywriting (how to write your email subject line to get the open and then to get someone to buy from you), but there are earlier sections about getting your list set up the right way in the first place. This is really important, as some niches work really well with lists and some don't. Steve shares some excellent research sources which I wouldn't thought to use in the clever way that he does.

    This WSO will also be of interest to offline marketers, as you can use these techniques to get your emails offering marketing services opened (remember that a lot of offline businesses get emails every day offering services, so you need to differentiate yourself from these).

    This is an excellent product, and if you do any kind of marketing that involves emails, whether it's to a list, or just individual messages, you can improve your responses by following the suggestions in the Instant Open Rate Expert WSO.


    Make sure you get Instant Open Rate Expert by following this link:

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    Sep 8th, 2011

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