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    Kindle Cash Cow by Amanda Craven

    There have been so many excellent Kindle Warrior Special Offers, that it's hard to know when to recommend another one. But this one, Kindle Cash Cow by Amanda Craven, adds a neat new twist, which will be of interest to anyone looking for long-term profit methods from their Kindle sales.

    Kindle Cash Cow

    Let's face it. The Kindle really is a cash cow right. There's never been a better time to publish suitable reports on the Amazon Kindle.

    But, too many people are focusing on producing Kindle books that are junk, or just making them the wrong way.

    That's not the focus of Kindle Cash Cow. Instead, this is all about how to create simple books, which you can use to sell to the book customer multiple times.

    Think about how powerful that is. The standard rate of commission for a Kindle book really isn't that high (or that much, considering many of these are priced at $3 or less). These multiple sales opportunities are where you can really make your money. Like a back end offer on an ebook.

    This is a powerful method and quick-and-easy to implement. Well worth adding this to your Kindle arsenal.


    Claim your copy of Kindle Cash Cow by following the link below:

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    Aug 21st, 2011


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