Kindle Sales Krusher by Jay Boyer and HP Jeschke
  • The Kindle Clone Method by Ed Lewis
  • Kindle Game Creation Manual
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    Kindle Cheat Sheets by Scott Stamper

    Have you got questions about writing Kindle books? In particular, do you want to speed up your Kindle book creation.

    Kindle Cheat Sheets by Scott Stamper gives you a set of cheat sheets designed to answer your questions about writing for the Amazon Kindle.

    Kindle Cheat Sheets

    These Cheat Sheets break down, into a series of simple steps, how to create your Kindle book and how to sell it. If you've seen a lot of Kindle WSOs before, you might not pick all that many new ideas from this one, but if you're more interested in starting the process and want an easy-to-follow guide, you'll pick up a lot from Kindle Cheat Sheets.

    There are also some useful bonuses included which will speed up your Kindle book creation, including templates for both the inside of the product and the covers (often one of the hardest parts of the product to create).


    Get these Kindle Cheat Sheets and take advantage of the WSO discount here…


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    Apr 6th, 2012

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