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    Kindle Idea Machine by Sam England and Brad Spencer

    The Kindle WSO niche is one of the biggest on the Warrior Forum right now, but there's always room for another product if it improves part of the Kindle puzzle, perhaps by making the Kindle more profitable or more efficient.

    Kindle Idea Machine by Sam England and Brad Spencer provides an answer to one of the hardest Kindle problems – how to get good ideas for marketable Kindle books.

    Kindle Idea Machine

    Sam and Brad provide free methods and little-known sources, both online and offline, to generate these valuable ideas that really solve people's problems (and get you the kind of books that have a ready made audience who are prepared to spend money).

    The training is mainly video based, but short PDF resources are also included, allowing you to see the Kindle Idea Machine at work.

    You're bound to pick up new techniques to explode your generation of Kindle titles and good ideas for content.


    Get the WSO for Kindle Idea Machine here…


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    Apr 21st, 2012

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