Advanced Kindle Laser Beam Course by Colin Phillips
  • Kindle Sales Krusher by Jay Boyer and HP Jeschke
  • 7 Kindle Insider Secrets 2.0 by Jerry Kuzma
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    Kindle Lynx by Megan Duffy

    Here's another set of powerful techniques to help all Kindle marketers.

    Kindle Lynx by Megan Duffy shares a number of useful tips designed to stop you having to fight for 99c Kindle sales and instead benefit from full sales funnels.


    Kindle Lynx

    Kindle Lynx shows you how to get buyers opted onto an email mailing lists. This means that you can send them more offers in the future, both on the Amazon site and beyond.

    Plus, Megan shows you ways to get more traffic to your Kindle books, particularly by using book review sites. That's an important method as more visitors (particularly pre sold visitors) equals more sales.

    And, you can even get celebrities and well known figures to endorse your books. Again, Megan shares this valuable secret.

    This 25 page report is easy to digest from someone who really is doing well on the Kindle marketplace. It shows how spending a little more time on each book (rather than turning out Kindle books by the bucketload) really will improve your bottom line.

    You'll definitely discover something new inside the pages of Kindle Lynx.


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    Jul 1st, 2012

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