Kindle Cash Cow by Amanda Craven
  • Kindle Cash Craze 2.0 by Caleb Spilchen and Rodrigo Werner
  • Get Connected by Jay Boyer and Kieran McDonogh
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    Kindle Sales Krusher by Jay Boyer and HP Jeschke

    Kindle books are big business, both buying and selling them, but of course it's best to be there at the selling end.

    There are lots of Kindle training products out there, but Kindle Sales Krusher by Jay Boyer and HP Jeschke stil stands as one of the best.

    Kindle Sales Crusher

    You get a 27 page guide and a 5 video series showing how to create simple Kindle books that sell a lot of copies. There's a particularly good case study video that will give you plenty of times.

    You also get a second couse provided which shows you how to promote your book on Amazon. This is really useful and well-worth buying as a product in its own right.


    I recommend Kindle Sales Krusher which you can pick up using this link…

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    Nov 16th, 2011

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