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    Kindle Weekend Live by Sam England and Lina Trivedi

    Here's the deal with Kindle books…

    It's an excellent time to be creating them. People are buying a lot of Kindle books right now (actually, I think nothing's done more to make people interested in reading again than the Amazon Kindle).

    But, are you one of those people who knows the theory, but still can't get going with the actual Kindle book creation.

    Kindle Weekend Live by Sam England and Lina Trivedi provides the solution, a live case study showing how a Kindle writer produces top books within three days each.

    Kindle Weekend Live

    What you're getting is access to a live webinar each day for three days, where you see the process that Lina's made and ask questions about the process that's following.

    Even better, why don't you join in and create your own book in three days like Lina is doing? That way, you can duplicate the exact process and you'll be well placed to get extra help when you need it along the way.

    As well as this bargain price for live training and tuition, you also get a case study of another book that Lina produced for the Kindle recently – coming everything from brainstorming ideas, to writing the content, to putting the Kindle book up live for sale. I think that type of cases study is worth that price alone.

    Make sure that you are creating Kindle books, and if you're at a roadblock, Kindle Weekend Live should provide you with the extra push that you need.


    Get Kindle Weekend Live at the WSO discount here…

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    Jun 9th, 2012

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