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    Komplete Kindle Automation by Sam England and Rob Howard

    Creating and selling Kindle books is one of the best business models right now. It's great for experienced and inexperienced marketers alike. But, you'd be nuts if you thought that writing all those books by hands is a good idea.

    Komplete Kindle Automation by Sam England and Rob Howard shows you instead how to outsource the production of high quality Kindle books (and the emphasis is on high quality – you want books that people will leave excellent reviews for and be happy to buy).

    Komplete Kindle Automation

    The course consists of two videos, one of 30 minutes and one of 55 minutes. The short video is a general introduction to outsourcing, showing how to get the best return from your outsourcing dollars. The second shows the Komplete Kindle Automation outsourcing process. The videos are well presented, and a number of outsourcing templates are included as a bonus.

    This is a valuable WSO even for people already working in the Amazon Kindle field and will certainly give you new ideas about how to proceed and make the best out of the books that you publish.


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    Mar 4th, 2012

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