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    Mad Money-Making Mobile Business in a Box by Neil Bosley

    Mobile pages are big business, particularly since these are really easy to sell to offline businesses, but also really fast for you to set up. That's an insane hourly rate if you're looking for profit.

    Mad Money-Making Mobile Business in a Box by Neil Bosley is a lifesaver when you're looking to put mobile pages together quickly.

    Mad Money-Making Mobile Business in a Box

    What you get with this WSO is ready made tap to call pages. That means, when a customer visits an offline business from their cell phone, instead of seeing a real page, they'll see an optimised version which will link them straight to the business using the phone in a single click.

    They literally click the button and their call is sent through.

    Plus, if the business prefers to capture email, squeeze page versions are also provided.

    You get a selection of eye-catching designs with the source graphics provided. These are easy to edit, but Neil and his team go one step beyond most WSOs and they've even set up a Fiverr gig to get the designs customised if you're rubbish with graphics (so the most this need ever cost you is $5).

    These are excellent graphics for offline marketers and will sell themselves when you're setting up mobile sites for local businesses.


    Get the Mad Money-Making Mobile Business in a Box  WSO at a special price here…

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    Apr 5th, 2012

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