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    Million Dollar WSO Trend

    One of the biggest changes on the Warrior Forum in the past few months has been a move towards massive launches, complete with launch managers, JV managers and dozens of interested affiliates.

    These launches seem to be replacing some of the ClickBank launches that have been popular in Internet Marketing in previous years.

    So, what's the overall aim with these launches?

    It's got to be to run the first million dollar WSO.

    There have already been WSOs that have taken well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and being responsible for the first million dollar WSO is the next logical step. There would be great prestige for whatever marketer was lucky enough to pull off this feat.

    But, what will make this million dollar WSO? We've already seen massive JV competitions, overdelivery and giving away more than 100% on front end products. We've seen multi-day launches, complicated upsell and downsell funnels. We've even seen classic cars being given away.

    Being the first million dollar WSO will be an incredible challenge, but it's achievable and I think it's coming in 2012.

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    Mar 16th, 2012

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