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    Mining WSO Gold by Ed Akehurst, Ed Mercer and Martha Mayo

    Want to know how to run your own winning WSO, from three Warriors who have been there and done that?

    Mining WSO Gold by Ed Akehurst, Ed Mercer and Martha Mayo is a video training course which will show you how to mine gold by running WSOs.

    Mining WSO Gold 

    In total, there are 15 videos covering everything from listing a WSO, to using Warrior+Plus and managing the whole sales process. This is an interesting and varied selection, although it's focused much more past the WSO creation phase, so you'd really want to have a product or an idea.

    If you don't have an idea, there is a product creation course as a bonus, although it's not particularly focused on WSOs, so some of the other WSO Training Products here may be of more use. There are also some PDF reports designed to assist you.

    I'd look at this as a good overview of the technical side of listing with an easy style. Perfect if you have a product ready but all the technical stuff confuses you.


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    Dec 28th, 2011

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