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    Mobile Monopoly by Kavita Pore

    The first thing to note is that this one of several products called Mobile Monopoly.

    Mobile Monopoly by Kavita Pore is simply one of the best sets of graphics I've ever seen for offline marketers.

    Mobile Monopoly

    These graphics aren't restricted just to offline marketers or mobile marketers, as they could be used for other niches too with some small edits.

    There are too many graphics to list, but I particularly like the 3D characters which are integrated into many of them, including around mobile phone and cell phone templates and onto PowerPoint presentations. These are creative and really look the part when you're trying to sell your services as an offline marketing expert.

    There's an excellent set of mobile marketing flyers included too, as well as mobile wallpapers, and even training about how you can edit these graphics (this is all simple, so no expensive image editing software is required).

    Top value is offered here for offline marketers and I'm sure that these quality materials will send more business your way.


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    Jun 30th, 2012

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