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    No More Mention Of Affiliate Programmes For WSOs

    A new rule has come into place for those of us who runs WSOs.

    WSOs can no longer have any mention of an affiliate programme posted in the WSO thread. That means, not in the initial post or initial replies – and no links to other pages about the affiliate programme.

    Previously, a lot of people would have grabbed the second post in a forum thread solely to discuss that an affiliate programme was available (and to try to grab affiliates for a WSO).

    Personally, I think that the change is a good thing.

    There have been issues with PayPal looking at Multi Level Marketing when affiliate programmes have been involved. You may or may not agree with such allegations from PayPal, but one thing that's for sure is that PayPal holds all the keys with this.

    Removing the mention of affiliate programmes entirely will level the playing field.

    People will still find affiliate programmes directly through sites such as JV Zoo and Warrior+Plus, and there's nothing to stop the advertising of affiliate programmes to customers who have purchased (as customers, these can often become the best affiliates).

    Onwards and upwards to the next stage of the WSO evolution process.

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    May 27th, 2012

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    • Another interesting observation that I’ve just read about is mention of an affiliate programme could be considered a sales page leak. That means customers clicking away from a sales pages without buying.

      It’s always a good idea to consider where traffic can leave your sales page, as that will hurt your conversion stats (making the WSO attractive for affiliates to promote), as well as mean fewer sales for you.


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