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    Offline Surge by Jake Gray and Will Perkins

    Here's a really great "foot in the door" WSO for offline marketers, showing you how to find clients in an unusual manner.

    It's all about using special tool which I didn't know about, and which really improve your offline marketing offers.

    Offline Surge by Jake Gray and Will Perkins shows you how to find hot leads and sell them high priced mobile marketing web pages (which are mega easy for you to set up).

    Offline Surge

    The first tool allows you to connect with prospects in a different way and makes them really pay attention to what you have to say (you don't have to cold call them either).

    The second tool is an excellent way of finding hot leads to contact (these are quality leads).

    The final tool is the service you're going to use to create mobile marketing web pages (this is really easy).

    Combine all these together and you have a winning system packed full of ideas, suitable for both new and advanced offline marketers and mobile marketers.

    With Offline Surge, you get two PDFs, as well as three videos which go into more detail about the system. You also get access to a question and answer webinar, which is really useful if you have any questions after viewing this training material.

    There's lots of value here for the price point, and even if you only use one of these new services, you'll have got very good value for money.


    Get your WSO priced copy of Offline Surge here…

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    Dec 21st, 2011

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