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    PicZn by Ed Hurst and Martha Mayo

    Do you know how hard it is to find high quality images online that you can legally reuse?

    The last thing you want to do is to just grab images from unknown sources. Chances are, you'll get hit by a massive bill for breach of copyright (these often run into thousands of dollars) and you'll leave your reputation in tatters. But, legally sources images can be hideously expensive.

    PicZn by Ed Hurst and Martha Mayo is the solution. Ed and Martha have worked together to put together a collection of over 2000 images which you have permission to use in your own marketing.


    These images cover a variety of niches. Everything from weddings, to travel, to pets and animals, to scenes and models. And, because Ed Mercer, who works with Ed Hurst and Martha Mayo, took all of the images, you know that they're totally above board and traceable.

    All the images comes with the full permission to reuse them without further royalty payments. You can use these to jazz up profiles, create fancy CreateSpace and Kindle book covers, add an image to your blog posts for better search engine optimisation, or on Pinterest. The possibilities are endless.

    These are the type of stock photo images that every marketer should have to call upon in their collection. They're an absolute bargain compared to commercial image prices and you should make sure you get them before the WSO runs its course.


    Get the Warrior Special Offer pricing for PicZn here…


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    Jun 17th, 2012

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