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    Product Creation Crusher by Jeff Bode

    Here's one of those rare products. A product that's ready to sell, but is also really useful for personal use too.

    Product Creation Crusher by Jeff Bode is Jeff's introductory guide to product creation, presented as a 22 page report.

    Product Creation Crusher

    I've known Jeff for a few years now, and he's an excellent product creation, who can create reports, great videos and webinars. He knows the Internet Marketing world inside out. It's great to see him sharing his knowledge in a report like this.

    You get a complete ready-to-sell solution, including well presented sales copy for the report, which is in PDF format. The rights don't allow this to be given away, which helps the report to preserve it's value. The marketing inside the report is also very subtle (something which can be a problem with MRR reports), so you'd feel happy selling this or adding it to a bundle of educational materials.

    Jeff does share some excellent tips in this report, including how to get top ideas for your new products and how to create them quickly. You'll discover something new, even if you're a world weary product creator.

    You can even use these product creation techniques to create your next Warrior Special Offer (and recover your small investment many times over).


    Get Product Creation Crusher with the free master resale rights thrown in by following this link:

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    Sep 8th, 2011

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