Four Ways To Add Extra Value To Your WSOs
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  • Warrior Forums Bans Rebates On WSOs
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    Promoting WSOs By Email

    One little tip I've noticed, which may help those of you who promote WSOs by email.

    There's generally a reverse correlation between the lengths of my emails promoting WSOs and how well they promote.

    That means, my tests show that sending out a relatively short email about a WSO will make you more sales than sending out a long email.

    Rather than relying on a lot of presale, use the WSO copy to sell the product.

    Promoting any kind of product where the price increases and you can help people to get in early (such as a Dime Sale) does well too.

    The only thing I would caution against is sending an email of only a couple of lines and a link. That may sell well once or twice, but in the longer term, will do you more harm than good.

    It's all about testing things and seeing what works best for your list. And, it's all about striking the right balance.

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    Sep 2nd, 2011

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