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    Relaunching WSOs For 2013

    One way that I've observed people being successful with their WSOs already in 2013 is taking an old WSO and relaunching it.

    The best thing to do is to update the WSO in some form. If it's an information product, you might be able to add some more case study examples. Otherwise, some videos expanding on the WSO, or showing new ideas, always seem to work well.

    Updating a WSO is always much easier than creating one from scratch. I do suggest that you're upfront with what you're doing and advertise this as the 2013 version of the product.

    You should always create a new WSO thread and new Buy buttons. You can always copy some testimonials across from the previous version. That will help give you visibility in both Warrior+Plus and JV Zoo when looking for affiliates.

    Relaunching WSOs is a powerful technique which many people don't take advantage of, and will allow you to breathe some new life into products which are not otherwise selling well. See how you can relaunch one of your WSOs today.

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    Jan 3rd, 2013

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