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    Save Money On WSOs With Product Drop

    If you're a WSO buyer, then you need to know about the launch of Product Drop.

    It's a really cool idea from Dennis Becker and Rachel Rofe.

    What they've done is they've persuaded a load of top marketers to contribute their successful Warriors Special Offers and other products to a new membership site, and you get access to all of them for a low monthly fee.

    At the time of writing, purchase gets you instant access to over 60 products from the likes of Jason Fladlien, Jay Boyer, Matt Rhodes, Robert Plank and many more, with many more popular WSO creators already signed up to contribute products. Plus, there are a few products added every week (with Dennis aiming to add products every day).

    All Dennis and Rachel's own WSOs appear in Product Drop on the day of release (sometimes even before they're released as a WSO). Others vary, but you'll find many popular WSOs in there, as well as WSO training products from the likes of Mike Carraway.

    The membership is managed through ClickBank, which makes it easy to cancel if you try Product Drop out and find that it's not for you. But, I can't see any reason to, the value is undisputable, and the price goes up as more memberships are sold.

    I suggest trying out Product Drop now, joining up, and taking advantage for all these products at just cents on the dollar.


    Get your WSOs through Product Drop.

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    Nov 3rd, 2011

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