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    Secret Product Formula by Steve Peters Benn

    Want to be shown how to create products by one of the masters in the genre? And not just receive old advice telling you to go to ClickBank and clone a product.

    Secret Product Formula by Steve Peters Benn gives you the methods used by a marketer whose products have sold for over $200,000 in the past 12 months, including many successful WSOs and WSO Of The Days.

    Secret Product Formula

    The format of the course is video (over 20 of them), but these are also supported by PDFs, mindmaps and other bonuses. The video style is easy to follow but not laboured, and with a particular psychological edge throughout the whole process (particularly useful when you're creating products to sell).

    This compares really favourably with product creation courses costing hundred sof dollars. Of course the WSO price for Steve Peters Benn's training, covering everything from finding ideas, to outsourcing, to training, is a fraction of that.

    This is recommended as a top WSO, giving a real skill that everyone can use whether you create WSOs or you want to make products for other niches.


    Get Secret Product Formula and improve your product creation here…


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    Mar 1st, 2012

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